The History of Earth through the Process of Evolution

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Evolution is the process by which the majority of different kinds of living organisms are presumed to have developed and differentiated from earlier forms during the history of the earth. It is described as a variation of an organism to allow it to adapt to a new surrounding. The change is often very significant that a new species is formed (Scott,2014). As scientists engrossed in the theory of evolution, speculations about animals started to get involved. Camels are seemingly obvious examples that evolution occurred. Features that have captivated scientist to examine the camel include their long eyelashes, ability to close their nostrils, long & strong legs, thick fur & under-wool, thick leather-like patches just below the knees and the fat stored in their humps (Jason C. Chavis. 2010).

Two very recognised theorists are Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and his theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics and Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection. Both naturalists concluded seperate theories of evolution. Lamarck believed that if an organism develops a particular trait throughout their lifetime to accommodate to its habitat, it will be passed on to their offspring (O’Neil,2004). For example, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck believed that all giraffes used to support small necks. As the trees grew taller, the leaves of the tree would no longer be in reach of the giraffe, causing the giraffe to strain their necks in order to consume their food, resulting in the lengthening of

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