The Holocaust: The Assault Against The Jews

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Intro: Most people could never imagine killing millions of people due to hatred of their beliefs, but as we know it has occurred throughout the history of our world. In April of 1933 the beginning of a tragic incident known as the Holocaust broke out. It was now either life or death for all Jew’s in Germany. Families were torn apart, lives were taken, homes were destroyed, and now they would be controlled by one single man with a group of Nazi soldiers. Hitler was the one who lead this action due to believing that their race was subordinate and thinking that they were an alien threat to German racial purity. With his soldiers by his side, they took the lives of many Jew’s and tried changing everything about them. Many of these people suffered in ghettos and concentration camps. They lived their lives not knowing if they would be here the next day. THESIS: The assault against the Jews began in 1933. There were about 525,000 Jew’s, which was about 1 percent of the German population.…show more content…
The lack of this was mostly due to the allied forces being more focused on winning the war, but further resulted in the general incomprehension. News of the Holocaust was now met and denial and disbelief that such atrocities could occur on such a scale. In Auschwitz, more than about 2 million people were killed. Most of the population of Jewish and non-Jewish inmates worked in the labor camps there. Even though Jew’s were the only ones gassed thousands of others died of starvation and disease. The summer of 1944, the events of D-Day and a Soviet offensive he same month spelled out the beginning of the end for Germany in the war. Huge portions of Hungary’s Jewish population s deported to Auschwitz, and approximately 12,000 Jew’s were killed nearly every
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