The Homeless Program: A Short Story

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Every morning, my mom’s alarm clock rang promptly at 4:40 AM. The church we were residing in at the time, was too far from all of our schools, which meant an earlier wake up time. My mom and my two younger siblings would slump out of our tiny blue beds and manage to muster a sleepy walk to our blue storage crates that we kept our possessions in. We would go into the public bathroom that we had to share with three other families to get dressed and cleaned up for the day.
“ The water is not even warm here.” Ms.Whitney, a mother of two said.
“Yeah It’s cold.” I said as I ran my hand under the tap.
“I am tired of all this.” She constantly said.
“ Me too.” I responded. Overcoming obstacles will always be a part of everyone's life. It's the way you let it impact you that matters. Family Promise, the homeless program my
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Although I have participated in this program the last two years, this year meant a lot more to me. There was something I felt I should prove to myself; that I could do anything I set my mind to. Therefore I challenged myself; to win this year's science research award. Previous years, I felt we slightly didn’t do enough demonstration with our presentations so my group never won. Biomedical sciences was the science research class I was put in this year and each group in the class had to come up with a testing variable to affect the oviposition of Bean Beetles (Callosobruchus Maculatus) using different beans or liquids. My group used sugar water and black eyed beans as our experiment, and at the end of the program we had to present it to our classmates, teachers, and other research science groups. Despite all the countless sleepless nights, and coffee mornings noting daily reports, formulating our presentation, and writing a research essay, I haven't felt more determined in my
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