The Hour Glass Case Study

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1. Based on the case study above, attempt the following questions : a. Identify and justify three strategies that have been implemented in the organization. From the case study given, The Hour Glass has been facing lots of tough time while they trying to be everlasting in the business world. In making the base of the company will going lasting, this company has been taking lots of the strategy in avoiding their business find the way to be doom in the upcoming years. So, there have three strategies that has been use the by the company in facing the problems. This strategy has been structured in decide, in making the impact of the company will be going advantages to the company soon. The first strategy that has been…show more content…
So, this will make the company will be still stand up high even they have the problem in their company, which is most of it, will be problem in finance prospects. The proof can be known that “In 1999, THG sold its two watch making subsidiaries to Bulgari, the owner of the luxury brands, at a price just below the assets employed by the two watch making subsidiaries. The other understands is will help the company increase the shareholder values. All this strategy has been using in the THG Company since the company facing lots of the problems that need to be solve. So, from these strategies the company has been found the steps in making the company will still standing in their own way, by taking these strategies and applies it in the company. b. Suggest a possible alternative strategy to overcome the crisis in THG organization and give reason for your suggestion. From the case study, THG has been taking a long time in settling their problem that face to the company. Other than three strategies, the company can use other strategies that suitable with the company condition, which is will help the company in solving the company problems. The first suggestion strategies that the company can use in solving the company problems are retrenchment. Retrenchment can be understood as the regrouping through cost and asset reduction to reverse declining sales and profits. Retrenchment can be simpler understand as the company will
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