The I Really Didn 't Have Enough Money?

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Growing up I really didn’t have enough money to buy certain things or consistently buy new things that were popular. Ever since Michael Jordan rose to stardom in 1985 after his rookie season, Air Jordan shoes have always been popular, and even today they still are. Every time a new Jordan releases everyone has to buy it. Some stores have people lined up overnight waiting for a chance to buy the sneaker. This also can be seen with Kanye West’s new line of sneakers called the Adidas Yeezy line. You see people standing on line days sometimes even weeks before the release in order to get a chance to purchase them .

Throughout all my years of school I’ve seen this occur. Ever since elementary school people will always hop on the latest trend and will consistently bash others if they’re not. In elementary school there was one kid who got bullied and made fun of everyday, but one day he came in with the latest Jordan’s and suddenly everyone was talking to him and wanting to be his friend. In middle school I was always made fun of because I had shoes from Payless and even my “friends” used to laugh at me and call me a “bum-ass.” In 8th grade when I got some jordans everyone was suddenly so nice to me. I started wondering why people change their attitudes towards others based on materialistic things. After the experience from middle school I decided that I would change the way I dress so I wouldn’t have to go through something like that again. During high school everyone knew
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