The Ideal Leader

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1). A description of ideal leadership as you see it and how this description has evolved over the course of the semester. I believe the ideal leader should have a variety of skills and traits that will lead to success in any environment. I think that each environment or setting requires a balance of each depending on the situation. I think these basic skills are required to make an ideal leader. Emotional – Self-confidence, in which they are in control of their own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and drives. Having the desire to improve upon those strengths and weaknesses, be in tune with the feelings of others and display empathy. To have ambition and determination to follow through, view opportunities to learn and move on without fear of failure. More important, having the courage to take risks of the unknown. Social - Cooperates and works well with others but able to motivate and influence others. Listens, empowers others, builds trust, and able to negotiate or handle conflict. Be able to motivate others in different settings and be able to listen to others needs or issues or adjust behaviors to fit each individual situation. Intellectual/Intelligence - Having the required knowledge and experience to perform, good judgment and able to look ahead into the future and being able to handle uncertainty. Be able to plan, organize, lead and control. Honest attitude towards facts, analyze situations, problem solving and be objective to information. Communication -
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