The Impact Of Bill Gates And Steve Jobs

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Essay 4 How did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs change the world
Without innovators, without people daring to take risks and pushing the boundaries, without people trying to move/change the world society itself change. Innovators are people that have this crazy idea in their head and go out into this world make their idea come to life. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had this idea of taking a simple computer software program and turning it into a business that protects everybody’s privacy from hackers. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs instead made something better and that was Microsoft. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world.
After about three years in college, Gates decided to make a computer software program company with Steve Jobs. In 1975 Gates dropped out of Harvard just one year before he graduated and went on to form his company. Even though both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn’t graduate from college their personalities and emotions lead themselves towards computers, and it’s components took them far.
Steve Jobs changed the way we look and think about technology forever, putting his symbol on every single computer that was sold, all the way to the music industry. Steve found a way with Apple to enable the poor to be more active, participate in the world of economies with simply a phone. Thanks to Steve he was able to equal the playing field for both the poor and the rich with information flowing at our fingertips. Steve closed this big gap of information between poor and rich,
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