The Impact Of Communication On Nursing Leadership Processes

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1) The SN will examine the impact of communication on nursing leadership processes by observing how the NM communicates with the different level of staff on the unit and the outcomes of the communication (comp. #5)
2) The SN will discuss with the NM, the need for cultural competence on the floor and whether or not this impacts the leadership processes. (comp. # 8)
3) The SN will discuss with the NM whether or not they promoter EBP on their unit, in their leadership style and management skills. (comp. # 9)

Key words: NM-nurse manager, HD- health department, comp- competency, EBP- evidence-based-practices
At the facility today, the HD was present and every unit was on high alert. The HD was at the hospital because the hospital was being approved for some purposes. During the morning meeting the Director, discussed with the NM’s of the different departments about being very vigilant. This meant to make sure that there is no reportable incidences, all call bells are to be answered, for the
In the midst of the evaluation, a code was called. The NM was one of the first to act during the code along with the other nurses and close by disciplines such as pharmacy, ICU nurse, respiratory, and cardiac. Trying not to be in the way I stood to the side while everyone who was needed in the room came and those who were extra bodies became runners for the team in the room. From what I observed the NM, acted as the coordinator in the room. She was giving direction when
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