The Impact Of Digital Branding On Achieving Competitive Advantage

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In this new technology way we live in a brand saturated world, for a brand to stand out and be successful. A Brand is what people feel about the company, the products and service. The secret to a strong brand is very simple which is FOUS great brands stand for something for example safety, freedom, entertainment, and the company have to think beyond. The purpose dissertation to analyse and evaluate of the impact of digital branding in achieving competitive advantage. The author is going to have a critical analysis on Brands and Branding in the Digital era, how to build Brands via Social Media and also emphasize on impact of Online Brand Communities and how the Social Web will be able to restore trust in Brands. The digital era and online marketing help build a successful brand by developing appropriate strategies. The dissertation aims to investigate more on the real-life examples drawn from different marketing sectors, and the author is going to critically appraise and explain why there are some brands that are struggling to adapt to the online/digital era and why, in some cases, it has led to the end of some the well established brands entirely. The aim is also to investigate and then explain why there are brands struggling to adapt to the online or digital era and how digital branding is creating competitive advantage for businesses and whether it has an impact on businesses or not.(Jonah Berger and Katherine L Milkman,2012) . The author will focus on so many
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