The Impact Of Digital Media On Modern Society

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Introduction “Over the last two decades, our view of mass media communication in modern society has been extensively reconfigured by the “new media” applications stemming from the rollout of digital technologies. In so many different ways, the digital media has come to be seen as the definitive technology of our times. The powerful combination of mechanical calculation, electronics, binary code and human language system touches us in almost every aspect of life” (Athique, 2013). Media in general plays the main role in our lives as a main source of any kind of information. As long as times are changing the ways of learning, reading and sourcing information are changing as well. From the 19th and particularly from the Web 2.0 (starting from the year 2000) the main role of sourcing started occupied by digital media. The term ‘Web 2.0’ came into use after 2004 conference. Web 2.0 suggest second generation of technologies and represent ideas of participation and interactivity, the sharing of data, content, and platforms, encouragement of innovation through such sharing and networking, with software (Gorman and McLean,2009). Examples include blogging, podcasting, forums, wikis and various open source initiatives.At the beginning the main ways of ‘informing’ and learning were only available through publishing media (books, newspapers, journals), later on, radio (1895), (Briggs, 2011), have been added to these sources, then television (1925), (Bellis, 2015), and finally internet
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