The Impact Of Media On Sports On The World Of Sports Essay

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Entertainment has clearly been a focal point in everyone’s daily lives. With technology advancing every day, the way how people live today seems to become excelling and smooth. Marketers play a large role in entertainment, especially when it deals with advertising. This is a business where they annually continue to invest heavily on ads. Most industries attempt on every possibility to come into possession of consumers to address about their ads, in addition, make money off of them. Surprisingly today, most business’s take their advertisement into the world of sports. One major sport event such as the Super Bowl, is a major key to exposing an ad to millions of individuals. Along with other major sports like soccer, football, and baseball to name a few, all these sports have a large number of fans and viewers. Now, some may question the theory, why televised ads and spend chunks of money towards sports games rather an award show, or a special T.V. show? It’s simple, when learning the history of advertisement, counting the numbers of viewers and noticing the results, sport industry may just be the key to exposing anything to be notice.
Commercials are a main component in advertising which allow businesses to have the ability to attract a multitude of buyers throughout various media outputs. It possesses such a powerful mass media to attract viewer’s attention, knowing all company brands attempt to make consumers buy what they are selling and endorse their product. Without a

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