The Impact Of Social Media On My Professional Business Fraternity

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Through my professional business fraternity, I am able to surround myself with driven individuals that push me to be a better person. Having people instill confidence and a positive mindset in me is something that I appreciate and would not be able to be where I am at without. I also have gained some general know how about social media analytics. Having the opportunity to visit the SMACC Lab in Fell Hall, we were able to use NUVI as a data analytics platform and gain valuable knowledge in the technology based marketing field. Having this hot topic of “Big Data”, we were able to analyze what people were saying about different events going on. During this event, we analyzed the social media posts on Donald Trump 's visits to Bloomington-Normal. It was interesting because the software does not pick up on humor or comments that are considered positive but are deemed negative because of some negative word choice used in the post. For example, the post “killed it on an exam”, NUVI would associate this with a negative post on social media, however, it is deemed positive in a conversation. We were able to sift through posts about Donald Trump and determine this flaw in the system. In addition, AKPsi has built me into the professional that I am today. I am someone who does not come from a business-oriented background and have little experience in my desired career path. From resume critiques to mock interviews, it really has given me the edge I need to develop and learn what it

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