The Impact Of Technology On Technology Professionals

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Technology today still comes with a negative stigma due to: cost, and clients not really understanding how exactly they work. Let’s face it, technologies can often be very expensive and in the hands of unethical Technology Professionals, clients could be taken advantage of in a multitude of ways. This results in clients looking towards people they can trust for solutions. Often times, smaller businesses try to implement their own systems, or turn to friends who don’t exactly have the technological expertise of an educated Technology Professional. When this happens, small companies, without any intention of harm, often leave their systems along with their customer’s data, vulnerable. In my opinion, it appears that companies are willing to pay a great deal of money to Technology Professionals with a highly trustworthy and reputable background to implement their systems. The relationship and trust that comes from the social contract greatly ease client fears and create repeat customers. If enough Technology Professionals got onboard with honoring the ACM code of ethics, I find it highly likely that the industries demand for technology would increase exponentially. Small business owners would implement new systems or permit upgrades that could enhance the capabilities of their business. I think that as long as the Return On Investment (ROI) was practical from a business standpoint, and they were able to find ethical Technology Professionals to implement the system, than it would

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