The Impact Of Technology On The Environment Development, Electric Devices, And Technology

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Nowadays, with the advance of science and technology, as well as the economy development, electric devices (computer, camera, mobile, etc.) are being used broadly. Technology provides much more convenience and enjoyable experience to office users and home users. At the same time, the internet and other social media users are increasing dramatically, so people are acquiring and accessing more and more data every second, every minute and everyday through different formats (video, text, graphic, record, etc.).
Based on these trends, large amount of data are being gathered and stored in databases, and data warehouses. The huge volume and fast pace made the power of data much stronger than what we expected, with lots of potential waiting us to maintain, explore and make decisions about. Using the efficient way to analyze the most helpful and valuable data, as well as to find out the hidden data is becoming urgent and important. Because of these needs, data mining started to be used as a helpful technology, and plays an important role under today’s studying and working environment.
Data mining also called knowledge discovery in data, began in the early1980s, and has been fast growing in today’s various industries as an essential information technology. “Data mining is a step in the KDD process that consists of applying data analysis and discovery algorithms that, under acceptable computational efficiency limitations, produce a particular enumeration of patterns (or

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