The Impact of Icts on Students Academic Performance at University

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Am Mdulla Allen M. CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction
This chapter presents the background of the problem, problem statement, objective of the study, research questions, limitations of the study, and definitions of the key terms as going to be used by the researcher of this work.
1.1 Background of the problem
The development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is like a big challenge in Tanzania. This challenge, Tanzania has to overcome in order to provide quality education for all and ICT should be given high priority. The ministry of education and vocational training is promoting the introduction and interaction of ICT in the education sector in order to play an important part in improving the lives of
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The ICTs proposed by the ministry of education and vocational training in its policy of 2007 in basic education in order for students to understand what the education system and technology goes together and also technology in the form of E-learning which will led them to understand what the importance of information, communication and technologies by showing that Tanzania cannot afford to overlook the importance of information and communication technology (ICT) for improved access, equity, quality and relevance of education. In our inter-connected world, knowledge and information are becoming corner stone’s for the development of a society, as is the ability to communicate. It is our duty to prepare our children so that they can benefit from and contribute to our country's development in the information age. We must therefore take advantage of the full range of ICTs, from radio and mobile telephony to computers and the Internet, to build the foundation for a well educated and learning knowledge society. 1.3.0 Objectives of the study
1.3.1 General objective
To explore the impacts of ICTs towards higher education students academic performance specifically SAUT and CBE – Mwanza.
1.3.2 Specific objectives 1. To identify the main factors that influence students to adopt ICT services in their academic systems. 2. To evaluate the effectiveness of ICTs in the learning environment among higher education students.
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