The Impacts of Crohn's Disease on Daily Life

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Although people may believe that disease comes from germs and viruses around them, but with Crohn’s disease that is not the case. Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease that affects the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This disease can form, inflame, anywhere from your stomach to small intestine. Patients who struggle with Crohn’s usually would need a lifetime of care just to contain the disease; there is still not a cure, but it impacts their daily schedule. Crohn’s is a disease doctors are still to find the reasoning for this disease and how they could solve it, but for now patients with Crohn’s will have improvise with their daily routine depending on how it affects them. A group of doctors in New York City first documented about Crohn’s Disease, but it was only named after one doctor. The group of doctors included Burril B. Crohn, Leon Ginzburg, and Gordon Oppenheimer. The doctors who discovered the irritation seen an array in some patients symptoms, “…noticed that fourteen patients shared the same characteristics of a disease pattern affecting the last part of the small intestine known as the terminal ileum” (Sklar 6). They only noticed the type of Crohn’s that affected the small intestine; there is more than one type of Crohn’s that affects your GI tract. At that time the terminal ileum was the only place doctors seen the disease strike. The New York City doctors may not be the people who discovered Crohn’s, a Scotland physician reported a case of “chronic intestinal

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