The Importance Of A Healthy Community Is Not Only An Issue That Affects The Individual Health Of The Community

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The importance of a healthy community is not only an issue that affects the individual health of member of the community but is also something affects the health of the overall economic health of the community. Health education helps keep people in check with their personal health, and good personal health correlates with more happiness. Happiness is life correlates with more satisfaction with what an individual 's does on the daily. If an individual is more happy with their daily life then it is very possible that they are in some way happy with their chosen job or occupation. When companies have a happier workforce there is a higher chance of increased productivity, which in turn creates higher chances for an increased profit in the company. If large amounts of companies were to have employees with bettered health, who found themselves happier, and in turn finding themselves more productive, and that in turn causing these companies to make bigger profits, then that helps economy as a whole which then perpetuates a cycle, and the individuals have more money in their pocket which creates increased financial stability which means individuals consume more and keep cycling the economy, positively. Health education needs to be invested in so that individuals can have increased awareness of the benefits of becoming healthier individuals.
The facts behind the positive benefits of healthy individuals are known and many, but large amounts of people continue to ignore

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