The Importance Of A Liberal Arts Education

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When I applied to college, one aspect when applying which was very important to me was to go to a liberal arts school. There were many reasons why this was important to me, from having heard about it from my counselors to finding it important to have a broad education. I chose Hope College as the school I wanted to go to because it brought together the importance of God and Christianity and it also is a liberal arts school. When arriving at the school, I began to find out more about how important a liberal arts education is to increase your knowledge. The first part of a liberal arts education that stood out to me, was having general education requirements. An important part of developing as a person for me is to increase my knowledge and intelligence as much as I can and in as many different areas as I can. A liberal arts education helps me achieve this goal of widening my horizons. By having general education requirements, I can explore different curriculum like religion or social sciences. By doing this I am broadening my knowledge on topics I am never learned about before. As well as doing that, I also can find out which new topics I enjoy. As a freshman, I am unsure of where I want to end up in life and what I want to major in, but by having access to a liberal arts education, I have an opportunity to see what new subjects I am passionate about. This semester I took Introduction to Sociology and I found out this is a subject I really enjoy. If I was not required to

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