The Importance Of A Sustainable Company, Robert G. E, Kathleen M. P. Essay

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How to Become a Sustainable Company, Robert G. E, Kathleen M. P. & George S. Management Review, Vol. 53, issue 4, 2012. About the article The article is focuses on sustainability of organizations and supporting concepts and principles. Acceptance and implementation of sustainability practices by organization have increased significantly globally over the last 2 decades. Application of sustainability practices have been witnessed in both governmental and private institutions, and non-governmental organizations and movements. The increased implementation of sustainability management strategies has been propelled by the benefits the concept brings with it and the potential of sustainable organizations as explained by research studies. Stakeholders and community are more attracted to organizations which embrace sustainability than those which are only focused on short term profit maximizations. Sustainability starts with leadership of the organization as the leadership is the body responsible for the success of the organization; short-term and long term. Main Article Aim The article explains the role of leadership in adoption and implementation of sustainability into their strategic plan. Implementation requires certain factors that must be met by the organization for its success. Stakeholders are required to be involved in the process to support it and provide necessary resources require before, during and after implementation of sustainability management practices. It is

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