The Importance Of A Woman Breastfeeding Her Baby Essay

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Women are usually faced with an overwhelming variety of choices to make immediately after the birth of their baby, particularly deciding on whether they have a desire to breastfeed or not. This can be followed up with digesting related information and advice given by midwives aiding into making the right decision. The intention of this essay is to justify in depth the significance of a woman breastfeeding her baby, conducting the benefits of both perspectives of the mother and baby. These benefits will be established, outlining the reason as to why breastfeeding is more effective. This will be done by covering topics such as existing nutrients in breast milk, protection of infection and disease in an infant, the unique physical bond between the mother and infant which all lead up to better health outcomes. Methods of a midwife’s role in distributing a health promoting approach to encourage exclusive breastfeeding, whilst applying measures of support and education will also be explored.
Human breast milk is a biological fluid that supplies an adequate amount of nutrients and components, which assures the effective development and growth of a newborn (Ebringer, Ferenčík, & Krajčovič, 2008). It is one of the healthiest methods of feeding a newborn from the time they are born, until the first six months of life and can be prolonged to up to 2 years or more. Several studies have strongly outlined the numerous benefits that breastfeeding has to offer, in which assists both the

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