The Importance Of ADHD Diagnosis

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It is widely recognized that ADHD is over-diagnosed in communities. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) been both the most extensively studied mental disorder and the most controversial. There are no measures to diagnose children with ADHD so that the diagnosis remains dependent on the observations of those adults most familiar with the children. In addition, characteristic of all the interventions for children with ADHD, including both stimulant medication and psychosocial interventions, is that they are non-specific. Their effects are similar regardless of a child's diagnosis or lack of diagnosis. These limitations in our current knowledge of the disorder emphasize the importance of researching the services aspect of the…show more content…
Which is based on the testimony of the parent regarding the child’s behavior. There are no sure fire tests that can either confirm or deny a diagnosis. Leaving concern that too many children are given an ADHD diagnosis rather than considered simply "different" or "spirited." Drugs are often the choice of treatment for children Once we accept that there is no clear line between children with and without ADHD, we still need to ask, what should we do to help children who we deem to be impaired by their ADHD behaviors? There are many possible responses to the behaviors associated with ADHD. From changing the child’s sleeping and eating patterns, what they eat, daily routine, to classroom interventions, lastly…show more content…
Schools are much more understanding about ADD/ADHD than they used to be. Back when my brother was diagnosed with ADHD, his school had never even heard of the disorder. Now some schools have extra time available for students with attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Although, while my son was in school, I still had to stay on top of them to accomadate my child with disabilities. Most high school and college books can now be ordered on tape through the school for no extra cost. There is now tutoring available at most schools for children with needs. Although they weren’t available for my son, testing centers are now available for students to take tests away from the over crowded school rooms. One on one tutoring also enables the ADD/ADHD student to learn in a distraction-free environment. All these amenities have been set in place so that students do not need to take medication in order to learn. So please parents, please take the time to try other alternatives, and consider medications as only a last resort. Although I grant that sometimes medications are necessary, I still maintain that ADHD is over diagnosed and over
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