The Importance Of Art

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The question of how valuable art is, is something that has been debated for hundreds of years; as well as the that art has to have a purpose. People have used the arts for religious or political purposes for far longer than the idea that art can be for its own sake. For instance, in ancient Greece and Rome art was used for religious and political purposes and was not made for pure enjoyment. Also, within the early christian church it was seen as a tool for religious purposes. It was not until the Northern Renaissance, when a middle class was being established where art was being made for the common homes that we start to see a change in this idea. Then in France we see the opening of the Salons where anyone can go view beautiful works of…show more content…
Artists are now free to use their gifts to give voice to religious, political, and cultural beliefs, or to create works that are soloy for the enjoyment of themselves and those who enjoy what they are creating. First we will look at how art is important in the development of cultural values and how artists have challenged those through art. In Susanna and the Elders (1610), Artemisia Gentileschi we have an image that has all of the classical aesthetic forms as well as a strong moral content. This work of art was created by a woman who was sexually assaulted at a young age by another famous artist. Many times Gentileschi has only been recognized for that assault and not for her amazing artwork. In her time women were not allowed to study the human form so Gentileschi had to do it in secret. We can see the traditional V and the composition of this work as well as beautiful human forms. The moral content of this piece is very interesting it is about a Biblical figure which was a popular topic of the time. Susanna is a beautiful woman being gazed at by two elders. In many of the other paintings of the time to pick doing the story, the elders are not seen as lurking men who are harassing a young woman. They are usually depicted as men who have the moral right to look upon this young naked woman. What Gentileschi has done has turned that concept on its head. She gives Susanna

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