The Importance Of Bedside Report To Improve Handoff Communication

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Communication is very important when it comes to the information that nurses are given when treating a patient. If there is not good communication between nurses, especially between shifts and handoffs, consequences can happen, including the possibility of a sentinel event. According to Yoost and Crawford, 70% of the sentinel events that happened in 2005 were due to communication breakdown, with communication breakdowns during handoffs being the reason behind 50% of these events (p.137). There are different ways that nurses can handoff information to another nurse, with bedside report being one of the ways that is suggested to reduce the amount of communication errors. This paper will explain what makes bedside report safer for the patients …show more content…

For many places, this includes doing the handoff communication at the bedside of the patient so that the incoming and outcoming nurses as well as the patient are part of the process (Yoost & Crawford, 2016). Doing the shift handoff at the bedside can be safer for the patient because not only can the patient contribute to what the nurses are saying, the nurses can also catch any errors that may arise (Groves, Manges, & Scott-Cawiezell, 2016). It can also prevent, or at least decrease the chance a nurse stating information about the wrong patient or confusing patients with one another (Groves, Manges, & Scott-Cawiezell, 2016). Bedside report also allows the incoming nurse to get a good idea of what to expect with that patient. This is because not only does the nurse get to hear the information from the outgoing nurse, but the nurse also gets to see the patient firsthand (Maxson, Derby, Wrobleski, & Foss, 2012). Having the patient in the room as well allows them to ask any questions that they might have. This allows everyone to understand what is going on with the care of the

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