The Importance Of Being A Good And Effective Leader

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One very important aspect of being a good and effective leader includes valuing your employees and being able to convey to each employee the value that they have to you and the company as an individual. Christine Comaford wrote The Value of Valuing Employees discussing the importance of valuing each employee and discussing six specific “pitfalls” leaders portray when it comes to valuing employees. The pitfalls include, failing to respond to employee emails, failing to provide feedback-positive or negative, acknowledging people only when they make mistakes, failing to celebrate victories, showing favoritism, and burning out employees. Committing pitfalls in leadership The first pitfall Comaford (2013) discusses is “Failing to Respond to Employee Emails”. This pitfall is essentially not making enough time to respond and/or not responding quickly enough to employees, specifically in emails. By not responding to your employees email in a timely manner, or simply not responding at all makes the employees mind panic and the employee begin to question themselves and their importance in the company. I have had this happen in my previous workplace with my district manager. I would send her emails, leave her notes on her desk, or even ask her in person, face-to-face to help me out with something or an answer about something and nine times out of ten she would forget to respond or help me in anyway. This made me not want to come to her with any concerns, or for any help or any

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