The Importance Of Being A Human Resource Manager

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The key to any successful company, organization, or business is the management of their employees. Providing the right types of employees to help a business succeed is the rewarding field of Human Resource Management. I have chosen this career because it is a leadership role in which there is a lot of interaction with people of all sorts. It is about being sociable, but also having a major hand in making sure other people are treated fairly and that cooperation between employees remains beneficial for the business itself. Becoming a leader in this field also involves making a contribution in order to make these types of jobs more available/ better for future workers. This career gives its workers a great potential of growth and…show more content…
These are just a few of the tasks they are required to handle, but in general, managers work hard to maintain a harmonious environment between workers, regardless of their status, and to motivate employees to work well in both quantity and quality for the organization they are employed for. To be employed as a human resource manager, a bachelor’s degree is needed in a related field ( business, psychology, industrial relations etc.)(Service Canada, 2013), although currently a professional certification from a college or a master’s degree in business, industrial relations, or human resource management along with the bachelor’s degree is more likely to open up higher level positions in the HR field. What counts more though is having several years of experience is also required for a managerial role, varying from company to company( Service Canada, 2013). The median salary for HR managers in Toronto range from $50,000 for smaller businesses to $150,000 per year for multi-national corporations (Canadian Business, 2014). In major cities , such as Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal or Vancouver, there tends to be many more opportunities for landing an HR manager job
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