The Importance Of Classroom Management

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Students are highly active throughout the world, whether it be with technology, conversation, video games, or social media. Students utilize these avenues as a way of learning and to stay engaged with the world around them. Therefore, it is hard as a student to learn in a classroom setting that they are not engaged in. Students that are engaged in their education tend to be more productive and enthusiastic about coming to school and learning the material. As educators, it is our job to position and engage students in a manner that best helps them learn efficiently and consistently.
Keeping students engaged during instruction is not only crucial for their style of learning, but is also a vital part of classroom management on the educators part. Students that are engaged in their education are less likely to create disciplinary issues within the classroom setting. Consequently, compared to less engaged peers, engaged students demonstrate more effort, experience emotions that are more positive and pay more attention in the classroom (Fredricks, Blumenfeld, & Paris, 2004). Educators must develop lesson plans that are simplistic, engaging, and relevant to students on a daily basis. Lesson plans should not be developed in a manner that does not provide adequate time to absorb new material nor actively engage in a productive manner in which students will learn and retain information. Classroom management is a way to ensure that a classroom is efficiently and effectively

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