The Importance Of Cloning Animals

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For numerous years, scientist have been striving to successfully clone and artificially grow animals by extracting DNA or fertilising an egg with the animal’s sperm, growing it in a laboratory. As well as there were many unsuccessful attempts, there has also been successful results but not quite successful. Rather than cloning common animals, it is thought to be more necessary to clone extinct species using the DNA extracted from ancient fossils and specimens. This is mainly an imperfect process. Although in some cases cloning animals will prove to be of great value.
Humans admire and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of an animal, whether it be small or animal. As well as beauty, animals are necessary for maintaining biodiversity which can lead to a healthy ecosystem, and conserve the population of not only the fauna but the flora as well, even micro-organisms. Professor Sharpin states “there is a lot of carbon trapped in the Siberian permafrost and if these animal’s slowdown that melting, we can slow the release of that carbon, potentially slowing the rate of global warming”. So, this study states that the woolly mammoth can help preserve the ice and delay the process of climate change by minimising the release of carbon trapped in the permafrost (Morse. F,, 2015)
There are many reasons as to why it is necessary to bring back extinct species. These reasons include, the achievement of gaining a greater understanding of the resurrected species, why they went
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