The Importance Of Communication

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Everyone is a social animal and everyone loves to communicate. Communication is exchanging words that provides gathering and interpreting information between two or more people (Taylor 2015) Communication has a process. The process involves a source, the message in what is being said, the channel and the receiver. The source is simply the person that begins the conversation. The message is what the information the source wanted to provide. The channel is how the message was giving. There are two ways a message can be given. The first way message can be given from the source to the receiver is verbal communication. Verbal communication is the information coming out someone’s mouth. Verbal communication can also be written. The other type of communication is nonverbal which includes gestures, touch, eye contact, gait, facial expressions, the individuals dress and grooming, and sounds and silence ( Taylor, 2015). Good communication is essential in health care. Good communication promotes better patient outcomes and satisfaction. According to the Institute for Healthcare Communication (2011), the patient perception of the quality of the healthcare that was provided for them was significantly relied on the quality of their communications between their healthcare personal. The health care provider needs to know how to communicate effectively to obtain subjective information by making the patient comfortable. When the care provider has ineffective communication, it can cause
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