The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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Recently, I was asked to write about a time when I failed to effectively communicate. I have failed to do so in many situations when I was younger, but those times are nothing compared to my worst miscommunication ever! In this case, I failed to effectively communicate with my parents. As a result, I was in deep trouble. It all started on a warm summer evening about two weeks before school was to start. I wouldn’t normally be excited for school, however, this year was my senior year and was pumped for it. Some friends and I decided to hang out that evening. We all knew we couldn’t spend the night because one of my friends, Garrett, had soccer practice in the morning. Since I wasn’t staying the night there, I told my Dad that I would be at his house by eleven o’clock. This was the original plan and I didn’t think it would change. Later in the evening, Garrett discovered he actually didn’t have soccer practice as early as he originally thought. His practice wasn’t to start until one o’clock. With this new information, we all decided to spend the night at his house. The only problem was I forgot to tell my Dad of our decision to stay the night, at least until later. It was about 11:30 when I finally realized I needed to let him know of my new decision to stay the night. Unfortunately, my phone died and I had to use my friend’s phone to text him. The problem was the text I sent was from a random number, which he did not recognize. The text I sent my Dad said. Hey Dad, I
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