The Importance Of Communication

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Communication was one of the first things I experienced as a child. My mom always spoke kind words to me, such as intelligent, strong, capable and extraordinary to me each day. I made her smile, a smile brighter than the sun, each time I tried to pronounce the words back to her. Her words caused me feel as though I were the only person that matter in the world to her. The words of my mom made helped me to be a confident person as a young child. As I grew older my mom would help me to become more interested in words. I would get the dictionary to discover new words and how to pronounce each word . I would spend hours reading different words to learn how I could incorporate them in daily communication with others. My mom loved to …show more content…

She explains that writing is how you convey ideas and feelings, and writing is the key to excellent communication. Even now as I think of my mom I am discovering new words to describe how wonderful she helped me in my development. She is incredible, strong, tremendous, fantastic and my mom. Through her I have learned words can wreck a life a bitter word may install hate, but a loving word can heal and bless. Communication skills are essential for getting your point across for example a doctor knowledgeable and expertise in his area of work but his patient may feel ignored if his doctor doesn’t have good communication skills. A good communicating will know how to put his patient at ease. I cant imagine the world where people don’t communicate with words. My mom has found the internet a source of communication that is much different from hers when she was my age. The internet has made communication so much faster. Effective speaking requires the knowledge of word being used correctly. My mom told me that words are like birds once they fly away you cant catch them back. When we speak we must be we must be careful with what we say and the action we use when we speak. Most leaders in the world are

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