The Importance Of Community College

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College or no college? Community college or university? Live on campus or commute? These are the questions that plague the minds of rising college students. As a high school senior who plans to attend college, I find myself pondering these questions frequently. Finding a college that fits each individual person and their unique needs is a difficult task that takes time and patience. That being said, I believe revamping the structure of community colleges will benefit students of all ages. Remodeling the acceptance and tuition requirements, as well as ensuring more personal one-on-one time with advisors, will not only make choosing a college easier for students but it will also help improve graduation rates in college students across the globe. Perhaps the only thing more stressful than choosing the perfect college is waiting for the acceptance letter to come in the mail. For students who struggle with testing within a time frame or have difficulty raising their score all together, the ACT and SAT are the two most dreaded tests of the year. Community colleges depend on these tests scores to recruit new students; the individuals who struggle with timed test taking, however, end up with lower scores and as a result are often denied admission to their college(s) of choice. A solution to this problem is to have several factors determine college admission verses the outcome of one test. In Long Beach, several community colleges, “Are no longer relying solely on assessment tests;

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