The Importance Of Creativity And Innovation Within Workforce

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Discuss how traditional approaches to management have to change in order to cultivate and foster creativity and innovation in workforce. Use examples to illustrate your discussion

Creativity can be simply described as the imagination to make up something new and valuable. Creativity has become an important component of problem solving and other cognitive abilities, healthy social and emotional well being and scholastic and adult success (young, 1985). Hence, creativity has become the essential factor for both the productive process and the consumption of the outcome, as they both require knowledge. Due to the massive crave of humans to create a comfortable environment that suits their unquenchable needs and wants in a world of scarce …show more content…

This can be best described in the United States of America economy where every one has the opportunity to succeed and change their lives despite of their backgrounds.
In respect to the above transformation many things including the traditional approaches to management had to be altered in the business environment in order to cultivate effective creativity that promotes the survival of the business in a changing globe. Despite the need for creativity there are still many facts hindering creativity. In this essay the author aims to, (1) explain the shifts that have occurred, (2) the different factors that need to be managed in order to enhance the generation of new ideas, products, services and processes, (3) explain the change management process and recognize its impact on the success of the organization.

1. Myths surrounding creativity

The construct of creativity has a great deal to offer. Creativity is an important component of problem solving. Yet the study of creativity is not nearly as robust as one would expect, due in part to the preponderance of myths and stereotypes about creativity that collectively strangle most research efforts in this area (Plucker, et al, 2004). This part of essay aims to identify a few numbers of myths that hinder the success of creativity.
(a) Creativity is in born

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