The Importance Of Dress Codes In Public Schools

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Dress codes have been implemented in society for centuries. Even if they were not required, there have always been stipulations on the ways people present themselves. Common places requiring some type of dress codes are schools, workplaces, and even churches. These dress codes can range from strict to very minimal. The people follow dress codes to present themselves in a professional manner. The biggest concern recently has been dress code policies in public schools. Public schools typically have a looser dress code than private schools because they mostly wear uniforms and rarely can go wrong with it. An interesting question is why are dress codes different in high school and below than in college? Especially if they are both public institutions. Commonly, college has little to no dress codes, whereas in high school, there is a whole section of dress code restrictions in the handbook. This topic is important because whether you are in school anymore or not because you may eventually have children or people you care about affected by enforced dress codes. There is no way to please everyone. That is an absolute fact. Although, there are ways to make students feel comfortable enough to express and even accept themselves. This can start with a dress code allowing them to do so. Oklahoma offers more public schools options than private options, meaning more students are going to have to follow a dress code that is not as simple as “here is a uniform, wear it.” In 2013, Oklahoma

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