The Importance Of Education In Education

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These differences in achievement do not in any way result from an inherently lower IQ in disadvantaged children. Research suggests that, aside from family situation and parental involvement, the strongest contributing factor may be the neighborhood in which a child grows up. Indeed, research demonstrates a clear relationship between a better neighborhood and more favorable educational outcomes. The community environment in which children are raised has a significant ability to instill in them either positive or negative values.
Unfortunately, many low-income neighborhoods where most public housing units are located remain far removed from the upper-end school districts that receive greater funding. As a result, they tend to attract lower-paid and less trained teachers, which results in a lower-quality education. To determine whether this is the case, the Furman Center conducted a study on New York City’s inner-city school district. First, the study found that these schools consisted of a high concentration of children from public housing neighborhoods. Most significantly, these schools tended to employ teachers who had a lower level of experience and training than teachers at average schools across America (Furman Center, 2008). Data from the Department of Education reveals that these findings are not unique to the New York school district. Rather, across the country, schools that have high concentrations of low-income students frequently receive less funding than other

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