The Rain Forest Alliance And Brand Equity Via A Third Party

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The rain forest alliance and brand equity via a third party speech:

Slide 1 (Title page):
Isn’t it interesting how, as a business, we can make such a powerful impact on the environment around us? From the amount of paper we use, to the lights that are left on in the office, and from where we source our raw materials. Environmentally and socially responsible businesses are becoming more predominant and popular amongst consumers. Not only can we lower long-term costs and risks, but it also engages employees on a different level that increases their skills and knowledge to deliver products or services that are of high quality. Sounds ideal but how can we achieve this ourselves?

Slide 2 (TRA background):
The easiest way that we can become more sustainable is through aligning the help of a third-party certifier such as The Rainforest Alliance (TRA) with our own business. We can make small changes, and help the environment as well as increasing our profits. Great Britian: Parliament: House of Commons: Environmental Audit, 2009 suggests that TRA is known for the work that they do in sustaining agriculture, forestry, and tourism practices. In addition to playing a large part in sustainability TRA also focuses on education of such problems and addresses climate change and adopt the slogan ‘Shop the frog.”

Slide 3 (TRA- the why?):
Through working with TRA, our company can work towards conserving biodiversity through adopting safe and sustainable:

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