The Importance Of Food Safety Training In The Food Industry

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1. Identify and discuss who should go through food safety training, and at what time after hire is the most appropriate? It is imperative that everyone in the food services industry go through a variation of a food safety, health, and sanitation training program. Anyone that is either in the constant vicinity of, and/or handles food constantly at the job should go through a food safety training program. This is because everyone in the industry that comes into close contact with food items have the chance of transmitting pathogens that could contaminate the food and potential get several customers and/or staff members sick. The ideal time to train someone in food safety is “as soon as possible.” Ideally a food service worker should be trained in food safety when they first start their job. A good manager/trainer would be able to combine aspects of the job training in with food safety. Some managers will teach a worker how to do their job, and then train them in food safety, or visa-versa. But regardless of what order the training is done, food safety training should be completed before a food service worker beings to handle food, or go out and help customers. This will minimalize the chance of any customers or fellow staff members to become sick, due to lack of food safety, health, and sanitations training. Another good idea would be to train any workers that work around a food service area. A lot of businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry work hand in hand with
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