Volume 1: The Influence Of High School Relationships

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Volume 1 - High School Relationships

Ah, high school relationships. Nothing like stumbling up to that girl you've stared at a couple times in English and awkwardly asking for her social security number! I mean phone number. Well, they're of the same importance these days, anyway.

This oh-so-important string of numbers provides the ultimatum of discourse: clumsy, dim-witted, and depressingly awkward text messages, with the added bonus of a few terribly-shot photos of yourself sprinkled on in their for the other participant's sexual fantasies. This is high school we're talking about. It happens.

But I'm not here to state the obvious. Yes, high schoolers are mouth-breathers; no one needs to remind you of that. Rather, I'm here to gripe and complain about other people with no influence on my life whatsoever, just like a model citizen is supposed to. If you have a problem with that, reflect on your contributions to society; and when you finish scraping around your empty skull, you might just find it harder to lower the barrel this time.

The first and most obvious fact of life when it comes to high school relationships, is that the connection between you and your supposed partner is about as stable as a worn-out tightrope with only a couple good walks left in it before the ground finds out what your intestines taste like.

With that in mind, believe me when I say, your relationship is pointless. Why did you choose this particular girl? Why not any other one? Is it

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