The Importance Of Late Work In Middle And High School

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Often in middle or high school, students are given a chance to receive full credit for work they did not turn in on time by using something called a late pass. In some situations, they were even rewarded with extra credit after the semester for not using the late pass on an assignment. When these students who relied on these late work passes to help them keep a good grade get into college, they are finding that professors aren’t so lenient towards late work. Late work in college usually consists of an immediate letter grade drop. Educators are realizing that the way that late work is treated in middle school and high school is not preparing our youth for the real world. Our education system needs to be less lenient on students being able to turn work in late just because they were too lazy to do it and turn it in by the deadline. In saying this, I also believe that it is important to look at the circumstances as to why the student might have not been able to turn the assignment in on time. When reading the article ‘Enough with the late penalties’ by Tom Schimmer he states that his position on late work penalties is that students shouldn’t be graded on when they turn the work in, but rather the quality of the work that they turn in. Schimmer states that people who struggle with deadlines should not be punished, but should be provided the help that they need in order to be successful (Schimmer, 2011). I see where Schimmer is coming from in that sense that no two students are

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