The Importance Of Life In The Nursing Home

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Anna Mae Halgrim Seaver felt powerless. The words she used to describe the nursing home facility and her treatment forced me to imagine myself in a nursing home. I have never experienced what Ms. Seaver went through, and I can assume that no nursing home facility has experienced it either. Above all, the main thing that could have been done to make her life more tolerable is educating the staff members of the facility and staff members in general in the health care field on what it is like to live in a nursing care facility. Imagine living the majority of your life as a teacher with a degree in music, or the founder of a multimillion-dollar company, imagine having individuals learn from you and respect you throughout your life and then suddenly have that taken away. Educating staff on the importance of upholding respect for patients is important, we need to make every patient feel safe and being respectful plays a large part in doing so.

The attitude towards her placement in the nursing home is more of a sad acceptance. Ms. Seaver understands she is getting older and that with aging you may lose control over your bowels or be unable to walk because your bones become a little weaker over time, but her mind is still there, yet she is treated as if she has lost it. Ms. Seaver accepts why she has been placed in a nursing home but she is incredibly unhappy that her independence and privacy has been taken away.

I’m not entirely sure if her family had other options.

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