The Importance Of Negotiation Process Within The Workplace Environment

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What Is The Importance Of The Negotiation Process Within The Workplace Environment? By Sieata R.M. Flaggs-Duhart Negotiations As A Process Leadership LDR 655-OA Dr. Patricia McDonald May 26, 2015 Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. Discussion 4. Clarification of goals 5. Winning the negotiations 6. Agreement 7. Implementation 8. Conclusion 9. References What is the process of negotiating? According to National State University surmises that the art of negotiating is the process “whereby two persons or groups strive to reach agreement on issues or courses of action where there is some degree of difference in interest, goals, values, or beliefs. The job…show more content…
Discussion/Clarification Of Goals 3. Winning The Negotiations 4. Agreement 5. Implementation ( Preparation: states that the “preparation phase” is the most important aspect of the “negotiation process” because it details the terms of the negotiation by outlining the wants and needs of all parties involved such as understanding the terms that the will be covered in the initial contract such as; “price, payment schedule, service availability/opening times, contract lengths, outputs, sub-contractors, responsibilities, risk, monitoring and evaluation”. ( Discussion/Clarification Of Goals: For instance, lets us examine the importance of the Discussion/Clarification Of Goals Phase from the viewpoint of the Negotiator. According to James K. Sebenius, author of ‘Six habits of Merely Effective Negotiators states that when it comes to negotiating the “process counts”. “What’s more, sustainable results are more often reached when all parties perceive the process As personal, respectful, straightforward, and fair”. (Sebenius, 2011). While, on the other hand, according to Charles Craver, Professor of Law, at George Washington University suggests that in order to maximize the
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