The Importance Of Personal Accountability

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How to Develop Personal Accountability
Do you confuse personal accountability with personal responsibility? We aren’t born with personal accountability. It is a learned skill. Here is how to distinguish between the two terms.
Let’s keep it simple, with three little words – before, during and after.
Personal Responsibility is the before of things. At this point, you are just being, not doing. Remember the metaphysical truth: Energy follows thought. So, before you spend energy for actions, in response to a situation, think. Personal responsibility is all about believing you hold the power of successful attainment within yourself.
It’s all about living in the now. Things that were in the past are not present now. You are only responsible for your actions and outcomes now. Also, you are responsible for your …show more content…

The buck has stopped. Personal accountability is like a ledger sheet, for your eyes only, which “accounts” for outcomes of your choices and actions. When you assume responsibility for holding yourself accountable, you will make right decisions more often, gain respect from other people and your self-confidence will grow exponentially.
Now, that you have a good working definition, let’s explore several facets of personal accountability.
Truth is absolute. Something can’t be “sort of” true, it either is or is not the truth. Lies don’t come in colors. Black lies or white lies don’t exist. Lying to yourself eclipses personal accountability. If you broke something at a dinner party or made a big blooper at work, man-up and tell the truth.
You are the Guardian of You
Whew! What a relief! Nobody knows what you did. Wrong. You know. The practice of self-accountability is like a sacred covenant. You can’t do the right thing only if it is convenient. True, now that you’re all grown-up, you don’t have a parent, principal or preacher who admonishes you when you mess up. You are the guardian of you.
Honor Your

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