The Importance Of Self-Improving College Students

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Throughout the United States, 30% of college freshman drop out after their first year of college (Formica). One can give many excuses as to why this is; however, being a successful, self-improving college student starts with changing their mindset from trying to do which can be accomplished by having a consistent self-discipline, a positive, open mind-set, and a strong support network. Students with a strong self-discipline constantly outperform students who are less-discipline in academics by achieving better grades, higher test scores, and better attendance. They do not just try to do their homework, they do their homework. High school to college is a big change in one’s life. Many students are moving out of their hometown and living on their own. They are now responsible for themselves and keeping on track. For many this is a hard transition due to the freedom they now have. A student may not have the self-discipline to say no to their friends and themselves and not go out that night to stay in and study instead. This student falls behind in class work that is done outside of the classroom, then quickly falls behind on the classroom materials. They then feel the pressure of the heavy work load, decide that college is not for them and drop out. “Whipping up a paper in five minutes” is not an option in college. College classes are more rigorous than high school classes. Teachers will not hold their student’s hands and tell them what they need to do, when they need to do
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