The Importance Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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An organisation’s performance is vital to an organisation’s success. It is agreed upon that strategic human resource management (SHRM) can be a beneficial tool in achieving optimal organisational performance. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a large-scale fast food chain with over thirty thousand employees (MarketLine, 2016). KFC must ensure all employees are motivated so that they improve their productivity, performance and ultimately achieve the organisation’s objectives by increasing their profit. However, as fast food organisations do not incorporate high performance work systems (HPWS) to manage their human resources, this resulted in low flexibility, decrease in the level of skills and abilities of employees and the employee’s perception of the organisation. This has also led to lower staff morale and increase in staff turnover. In order to resolve these issues, SHRM practices can be implemented. The use of the ability, motivation and opportunity (AMO) framework can be beneficial in determining the underlying reasons for employees’ behaviour that has led to low productivity, decreased motivation and high turnover. Additionally, an employee’s perception of an organisation’s objectives and commitment to the employees is also a critical issue that fast food organisations need to address. Restaurants in the fast food industry such as KFC can utilise strategic HRM to resolve issues that they encounter in order to ensure the workforce is operating efficiently and

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