The Importance Of Talent Management For An Organization

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A talent is the ability in a person to perform a particular task in a special manner. Talent management means ng the ability, competence and power of an employee within an organization (Management Study Guide, n. d). It is the objective of every industry to remain competitive in providing better services and winning more customers. To meet this, it is necessary to employ proper management in the human resource sector. Why manage talents in an organization? Talent management is done to ensure that all the fields in the organization have their workforce to ensure their smooth operation. The organizations are able to identify key positions and ensure that they are never void (Berger, 2004). This will result to continuity of its operations at all times. High performance is therefore maintained. It is important as it ensure that emerging talents are appreciated and kept for future development within the organization (Sims, 2010). An employee who has served in a company for a long period has reliable experience. One also tends to appreciate the company as and one’s own project. This ensures that the employees aid appropriately to the achievement of the organization’s goals. Talent management help to exclude the problem related to frequent recruitment in an industry. This is done by making sure that good reputation on human recourse management is maintained through proper handling of employees. This ensures the employees are at peace. Consequently they deliver their service

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