The Importance Of Teacher Education

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The scope of teacher education is potentially wide-ranging. One helpful way to view teacher education is to viewed the field as a continuum from pre-service teacher education in formal settings to continuing teacher education in professional settings (Beck & Kosnik, 2017; Clandinin & Husu, 2017a). Within this paper I use a conception of teacher education that focuses on the pre-service setting, yet personally, the learning that I am involved in would be located on the opposite end of the continuum, in the professional development, or in-service side.
Before looking at my specific setting, it is important to acknowledge that the past has influenced the present and the future of teacher education. In fact, the role of a teacher existed prior to the concept of formal education. Teaching occurred prior to the recent creation of institutes designed to educate groups of student and prior to the more recent creation of the formal systems of educating teachers (Rosiek, 2017). An apprenticeship type preparation, which focus on skills and subject matter, composed the first teacher education. This was followed by the establishment of state controlled teacher certification programs and normal schools (Darling-Hammond, 2012).
Teacher education programs during the 1980’s required students to make meaning from the completion of multiple certification courses in educational foundations and methods. Various professors, graduate students, or contract faculty taught these courses resulting

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