The Importance Of Technology In Education

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The Impact Principle states effective practice yields evidence of learning. The look on each student’s face will provide evidence as to whether or not they are learning. An educator should assess the faces and student work samples to check for learning. If learning is not present, the educator should accept responsibility for not being impactful, and begin implementing a more effective practice so that the students demonstrate new knowledge. I have discovered this first hand in my practicum placement. I taught a lesson, and as a whole class my students understood the content. However, when I was reviewing their individual work, it was obvious that the students missed the point of the lesson. Therefore, I took responsibly for not teaching the objective in an effective way, and I retaught it in a more relevant manner. Then, my students were successful on the next sample of student work. Due to all of the factors in students’ lives that can hold their interest, an educator must gain and maintain their interest to be impactful. It is then the child will learn. If the educator’s delivery of the content is effective and impactful, evidence will be produced. The Technology Principle states technology facilitates teaching, learning, community-building, and resource acquisition. Technology is a magnificent aspect of the globalized world. Due to technology in the classroom, teachers can broaden students’ background knowledge to any topic in a more visual, auditory, and kinesthetic

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