Traveling To America Research Paper

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Traveling is one the best experiences you can gain from life. I have been lucky enough to travel to countries in Europe and see some of the most beautiful cities and scenery in the world. Experiencing knew places and cultures is exciting but it can also open your eyes and show you that you lived a very sheltered life. Being in Italy this past summer has shown me exactly that. Not every country in the world has the security and protection that we as Americans have. Many countries in Europe have been struck with ISIS attacks and struggle with their national defense to protect all their citizens while America has a more reliable system. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the security provided in the United States when it’s never taken away from you. Coming home from European countries I now have a greater appreciation for our country and the way we live. This past summer my family and I spent a week traveling through southern Europe from Germany to Italy and finally Switzerland. Stepping off the plane into the Frankfurt airport I was already experiencing something new. Running on no sleep because of the flight I blurred out the sound of harsh aggressive German language. Immediately I felt out of place speaking English as my only language and not being able to understand the announcements or signs in the airport. After spending four hours on additional flights and train rides we arrived at our hotel, a safe haven for me. Adjusting to my new surroundings was exhausting and only

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