The Importance Of Uniforms Help With Education

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Uniforms Help with Education
Ashleyann Mabatid
Azusa Pacific University College

I’m doing my research about how uniforms help with education. In today’s society, everyone worries about the fashion statement they wear that they spend so much time worrying about their outfits other than studying or paying attention in class. Uniforms would assist students to stay on track and focus more on their class work. Uniforms can keep the schools safer from violence.

Education My research is about how school aged children that wear uniforms can increase their abilities in education. In this day and age, students are too focused on what to wear to school rather than focusing on their academics. Outfits that many students wear today are too provocative and distract other students and teachers. School uniforms can be beneficial when worn in schools, and can potentially help increase in education in many individuals when their mind is focused on academics.
According to Rowan University (2007), “The way a student dresses can have an impact on school safety, academic success and create a positive, productive learning environment.” When a student comes to class in uniform they aren’t worrying about what people think about their outfit, their mind is focused on learning, and paying attention in class. According to Walden University (2016), “Uniforms lessen social pressures, help to increase student self-esteem, and improve academic achievement.”

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