The Importance Of Uniforms In Schools

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Many school's today are adapting new uniform policies. Uniforms are essential to a successful school, they bring together different social classes , mitigate bullying, and also maintain a satisfactory reputation and professional look for the associated school. However many schools have not implemented gender neutral uniforms. Many teenagers attending school today have difficulty in expressing themselves due to the fact that the clothes that they desire to wear are unattainable due to school policy. Expressing one's self is a right that is given to all human beings but due to many school's policies many teenagers are unable to express themselves in the way they would like too. Another issue many teenagers face due to uniform policy is…show more content…
This is why changing the uniform policy that would allow students to choose which uniform they want to wear is so important, as students would be allowed to express themselves the way they would like. Many teenagers in todays society are unsure of their gender identity. This means that students are unsure which gender they associate with. With the current uniform policy in this school, students that suffer from gender dysphoria / identity would be unable to express themselves in the way they would like as they are restricted to the uniform of the gender that they are naturally born. Most teenagers already find it hard to express themselves, and due to the current uniform policy these teenagers are portrayed a certain way. If students are unable to express themselves in their early lives, at a later stage in their lives they would find it much more difficult to be able to express themselves in fear of disappointment as for a number of years during their early life they were portrayed a certain way by their peers and for them to suddenly come out in their adult life to portray themselves differently would perhaps disappoint those around them as they were seen as different for the first half on their lives. This is why we must allow students to express themselves in their earlier years as it would be allowing them to live the life that they would like to live, not want others want them to live, and also to save any troubles in their

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