The Importance Of Video Games

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Video games are a staple to the media industry in today’s society. In fact, people are “spending more money on games than on movies and music combined at a staggering $21 billion” (ABC News, 2015). Technology has evolved so rapidly that video games can be played anywhere, and hundreds of new apps and video games are being launched every day. Compare that to the 1980s and ‘90s; people took time out of their day to sit down and play video games when only a few games came out per month. With video games becoming more integrated into people’s lives, the question remains, have developers and gamers really come that far, or have they taken more steps backward than forward in recent years? The video game industry needs to take a step back on how they produce games because a dependency on high-definition graphics, microtransactions, and lack of diversity are not the way to go. In the video game industry, it has come to a point where visuals and graphics are put on such a high pedestal that people can overlook the gameplay. A quick conclusion that gamers make far too often is that if a video game looks good, then it must have a good story and gameplay! The gaming community places so much emphasis on graphics, often when a video game trailer launches, that it is the only thing talked about. It is this fixation of hyperrealism that high-end companies like Sony and Microsoft latch on to so much so that stylized games are becoming nonexistent. Companies no longer want to invest in
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